I decided to move to the country where I feel most alive

I grew up in the North of the Netherlands. After I finished my bachelor's degree I needed a break from my studies and decided to go to a Scandinavian country to work as an au-pair.

I went to Stockholm. It was a period filled with laughter and some tears. But as the months passed by I noticed one thing; I had fallen in love with Stockholm. The nature, space, city, people. I loved it. After a year I went back to continue my studies..

But back in the Netherlands my life wasn't the same anymore

I finished my studies. Traveled to the otherside of the world to explore more beautiful places. I came back and found a job.

But not one week pasted by without thinking about Stockholm. How would it look like over there now; are the Christmas decorations already up in Stockholm? Are the lakes frozen already? I visited Stockholm each year and left always with a misserable feeling.

I knew it; I want to live in Stockholm. Sweden is my home.

So I went!

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