Best places to watch and photograph the sunset in Stockholm

November 11, 2022

Most photographers know it; the time around sunset is like heaven for photographers. The lighting is amazing and so are the colors of the sky. During your travels, you might be looking for the best places to watch and photograph the sunset. Also during your visit to Stockholm. In this blog post, I will share my favorite places in Stockholm to watch and photograph the sunset. Even if you are not a photographer these places are a must-visit when you are in Stockholm.

And be aware that during the winter, the sunset in Stockholm is before 15 pm. But in the summer months it never really gets dark, not even as southern as in Stockholm. But still, the summer offers great sunsets to photograph. This website is perfect to see what time the sunset and sunrise will be in Stockholm.

Evert Taubeterrassen (Riddarholmen)

Riddarholmen is a small island situated next to Gamla Stan. From Evert Taubeterrassen you have a beautiful view over Riddarfjärden (the easternmost bay of Lake Mälaren) and the city hall of Stockholm. At sunset, the recognizable silhouette of Stadshuset is a photogenic extra. Just take the subway to Gamla Stan and take the exit to Riddarholmen. Walk to Evert Taubeterrassen and take a seat at one of the benches over there or install your camera on a tripod to be fully ready for making these great pictures of the sunset. If you come here in the winter; get dressed warm, it can be windy and cold here!


A hidden spot that can be hard to find is Monteliusvägen. This place is worth visiting either for watching the sunset or just during the day. Monteliusvägen offers a fantastic view of the city (it is worth the climb) and it is therefore a popular sightseeing spot in Stockholm. Perfect spot year round! I even saw from this place the Northern Light! Yes, in Stockholm. It was magical!


Skinnarviksberget is the highest natural point in Stockholm. If it is nice weather you will always find some locals who come here to picnic and enjoy the amazing view of the city. This is a quieter option than Monteliusvägen, but it is a bit of a climb to reach this place. The views are stunning – across Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan (Old Town), the Stockholm City Hall, and other points of interest. But if there is snow or ice in the winter, watch out because it can become very slippery.


A beautiful located island from which you have a beautiful view of Gamla Stan. This island gives you the ability to create beautiful silhouette photos from the ‘skyline’ of Gamla Stan. But on the other side of the island, you also have a nice view of Gröna Lund (yes the amusement park). During a nice sunset, the sky will get a lovely pastel pink color.

This is my list of favorite spots to watch and photograph the sunset in Stockholm. This a perfect list to read as a photographer or a tourist who likes to make pictures of the sunset in Stockholm. Let me know if you have been to one of the places to watch the sunset.

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