How to get to the city from Stockholm airport?

November 13, 2022

In the region Stockholm there are four airports. All four airports are connected to downtown Stockholm by airport coaches as well as municipal alternatives. But what are the options to get from the airport to the city center?

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is located 40 kilometers north of Stockholm City. There are many different ways how to get to the city center from this airport. Your choose will be personal, do you want to go fast or cheap to the city center?

Arlanda express

The Arlanda express train takes you from Arlanda Airport to the city center (T-centralen). The platform is easily accessible, underneath the arrival terminals. Departure: every 15 minutes (for most of the day). Travel time is 20 minutes. The train is super convenient, but also quite expensive (retour is 579 SEK). But always check if they have online a good deal (especially in de holiday months they have something affordable deals online or if you travel with more people together).

Flygbussarna bus

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches departs every 10-15 minutes between Arlanda Airport and the City Terminal (which is located next to the Central Station). Travel time is around 35-45 minutes. Buses also run to Liljeholmen via Karolinska, Fridhemsplan, and Södermalm (50 min) and to Brommaplan via Kista and Sundbyberg (54 min). Retour around 200 SEK. This is a cheaper option than the Arlanda express, but in my opinion less convenient and comfortable.

Municipal alernatives (cheapest option)

Municipal alternatives can bring you for free (if you buy a SL ticket) to the city centre. From Arlanda Airport you can take the bus to Märsta Station. At Märsta Station you switch to the pendeltäg to T-centralen. Check the site of SL for a timetable. Total travel time between the airport and Stockholm Central Station is around 1 hour. And the positive thing about this option; if you will buy an SL card for 24 hour/72 hour or a week, you don’t pay anything extra to travel from the Airport to the city centre.

There are also several companies operating buses from Arlanda, for example, Flixbus.

Bromma airport, Skavsta Airport, and Västerås Airport.

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches operates all airports, with departures timed with arrivals and departures at the airports. Travel time: 20 minutes (Bromma), 80 minutes (Skavsta), and 80 minutes (Västerås).


Taxi services are available at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Bromma Airport. Travel time depends on the time of the day, but from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to the city centre it’s approximately 40 minutes. And from Bromma Airport to the city centre it is approximately 15 minutes. Credit cards are accepted. But please note: Taxi fares in Sweden aren’t regulated, which means that prices can vary significantly between companies. With this in mind, I recommend you to use the services of well-known firm like Taxi Stockholm.

I hope this blog post helps you in making the right choose for your transportation from the airport. It’s a personal choice, I always use the Arlanda Express when I have a lot of luggage or when I need to travel in rush hour, but I use the municipal alternative when I don’t have so much luggage.

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