The 5 best fika places in Stockholm

January 29, 2023

Going for a Fika is a very Swedish thing. Fika actually just means to meet up for coffee/tea and a piece of cake or pastry. And did you know that a fik is slang for a café, bakery, or pastry shop? Due to this Fika culture, you can find it everywhere in Stockholm cafés and cake shops. But what are the best places to enjoy your Fika? I will share my favorite places here.

Rosendals trädgård

Rosendals Trädgård is one of Stockholm’s true gems! It is a garden café located in a fantastic setting on Djurgåden island. Rodendals trädgård is a lovely place for a fika. Their pastries are made in the bakery next door. Besides offering pastries, they have also fantastic salads, soups and sandwiches. Enjoy your Fika in their greenhouse, or when the sun is out, find a spot in their garden. Don’t forget to pop into the little boutique before you leave, so you can take some of their lovely products back home. The best way to get here is to walk from the bridge Djurgårdsbron, follow the canal and you will see the signs. Or you can take Tram 7 to Djurgården and jump at the final station at Waldemarsudde. From there is just a few minute’s walks.


Petit France Kungsholmen

A bakery with a French touch located on the island Kungsholmen. This is the right Fika place for you if you want to be surrounded by locals and looking for a minimalistic yet cozy atmosphere. Ooh and if you want to be surrounded by the smell of bread, fresh coffee and buns. Then this is your Fika place. It’s just a 15 minutes walk from Stadshuset. All their products are made in their own bakery.


Under Kastanjen

An idyllic and cozy café in Gamla Stan. Just a few steps away from most tourist attractions. The perfect place to have a Fika in Gamla Stan is definitely Under Kastanjen. All of their bread and pastries are made in their own bakery, so you can enjoy these fresh products. Besides offering pastries, they have also fantastic soups and other warm dishes. And good to know; they also have gluten-free bread and pastries. So for everybody with gluten intolerance who wants to enjoy a Fika in Stockholm; go to Under Kastanjen.


Cafe Pascal

Just a minute away from busy Odenplan, on a quiet corner, you’ll find Café Pascal. This café won in 2019 t the prestigious Gulddraken award for best café in Stockholm. So yes, I needed to include this Fika place here because it’s a lovely place. They have great coffee and their pastries are amazing.


Flickorna Helin

A charming and cozy café in a secluded and leafy setting with a large and very popular selection of baked goods. This place is located in a castle-like building in Djurgården, and it’s a splendid place for a Fika or lunch. In the wintertime, it can be a bit small in this café, but in the summer there is enough place on their lovely terrace. It’s located just a few minutes from Skansen and Djurgårdsbron.


I hope with this list you can enjoy your Fika in Stockholm. And maybe try the Cardamombun instead of the more famous Cinnamon bun. You will hopefully be surprised by the taste.

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