Places to discover in the Stockholm archipelago when you are short on time

August 11, 2023

When you are visiting Stockholm it is almost a must to also visit the Stockholm Archipelago. The Stockholm archipelago exist of over 30 000 islands and it covers an area of more than 650 square miles. Some of the islands are located far out in the sea and to visit them can be time-consuming. One way trip of more than 3 hours is not exceptional. But there is something for everyone. I will guide you through some beautiful places you can visit in the Stockholm archipelago if you are short on time.


Fjäderholmarna is located only 30 minutes away from Stockholm’s city center and therefore a perfect destination for travelers who don’t have so much time. It is a cozy island with beautiful sea views, pubs and restaurants, and idyllic Swedish shops. On your way to Fjäderholmarna, you will have beautiful views on Gamla Stan, Nacka and Djurgården. To discover this island, have a walk and drink, you need approximately 2 hours.

How to go to Fjäderholmarna?

There are two companies that offer ferry transport to Fjäderholmarna. You can choose from Stromma or Fjäderholmslinjen. Just note that both companies only offer ferry transport during the spring and summer. Check always the timetable to plan your archipelago trip. The ferry brings you in 25/30 minutes to the island.

What to do on Fjäderholmarna?


Idyllic archipelago town with many well-preserved wooden houses and great restaurants and cafés. For the more active people you can also enjoy a pretty walk here, have a swim or rent a kayak. Vaxholm is easily accessible year-round, by ferry or by bus. If you have a walk around the village and a fika you need approximately around 3 hours to discover this Vaxholm.

How to get here?

You can either take a ferry to Vaxholm or take the bus (or car of course). The ferry trip adds something extra to your Archipelago trip because the views during the trip are amazing. If you take the bus, the trip is covered by Stockholm’s public transport service.

The ferry companies which offer transport to Vaxholm are: Stromma (guided trip), Cinderella (only operates in spring and summer), Waxholmsbolaget (goes year round and frequently) and the Stockholm’s public transport service SL (budget option but the timetable isn’t so convenient for tourists).

If you want to go by bus you can just plan your trip at Going by bus can be a budget-friendly option to visit Vaxholm. A single ticket costs just 39 sek and with that you can travel from the city center to Vaxholm.

What to do here?

  • Have a fika at Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds Café or Camilles Trädgård & Café.
  • Walk through the idyllic village and don’t miss the harbor ‘Norrhamnen’. For photography lovers; make sure to bring your camera.
  • Sit down at Hamngatan and enjoy the boat traffic
  • Suggestions if you have more time: rent a kayak at Kayakomat and discover the area from the water, go to Vaxholms castle and the museum for some history, or walk along the south side of the island towards Eriksö badplats.

Have fun in the archipelago.

Even if you are short in time, in my opinion, a visit to Stockholm is not complete without a visit to the Stockholm archipelago. Make sure to plan your trip ahead and always carefully look at the timetables. If you have more time you might want to take a look at some other islands in the archipelago as well. Read more in this archipelago guide.

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